08 November 2007

you've got the cutest little critter face

So many works in progress here today! I am going to update the shop tomorrow (around 2 PM) and hope to add three critters (2 Zaubermausi and 1 bunny) and two of the conga-dancing mice (Sasha and Anya). I am finishing up the last of the commissions and have set a goal for how many pieces I want to have ready for Bazaar Bizarre. I have decided I need a minimum of 50 pieces, so I better get working. So far I only have 5 pieces set aside specifically for the show. Yikes! Also, just wanted to remind you folks that everything that does not sell that day will be up in the shop no later than December 10th. In the meanwhile, I will try to keep the shop stocked with critters between now and then. Please be sure to stop by and check it all out. I am pretty comfortable with doing updates every Friday, but I might try to do one more during the week for the next couple of weeks. We'll see; I will keep you posted.


mushroommeadows said...

oh, what a cute little face! :)

Melissa said...

Yeah for updates!

diana said...

Time to get cranking in the sweatshop!