26 December 2007

back to reality

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Things were busy over here, as usual, but thankfully we had a great time. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a little blogging break from sotosofties for a bit. I'll be back in mid-January, hopefully with a whole slew of new designs to share with you and maybe even a pattern or two. Right now, I need to focus on family and on working on a few crafty endeavors that are not softie-related. I want to actually finish a quilt or two and do some selfish crafting. I don't really celebrate Christmas with my family; we celebrate "El Dia de los Reyes," which is on January 6th. Hence, I luckily have two weeks to get cranking on gifts for my family, provided my right hand stops hurting. There are a few other familial obligations for January, so I won't really have time to work on stuff for the shop.

Besides, 'tis the season for change as far as this blog and the shop go. There are a few things that I need to work out as far as how I do business through the shop. I am not sure if I want to do commission work again. I had a couple of experiences this season that really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I am seriously wondering if it is worth my while to continue doing commissions. Also, as you can see, the poll for whether it is alright to reserve non-commissioned pieces for people through etsy has closed and the majority of you (3 to 1) say it is okay to do so. I think it's fine, too, but to be honest with you, I am not so sure about the waiting lists for specific items. After all, if you are on my mailing list, you are notified immediately when I post new stuff onto etsy. As it is, I don't think the system I am utilizing right now is the most efficient. I need to rethink all these things and then some. I'm sorry and hope I am not offending anyone by talking about it on here. I hope I am not being tacky as all get-out, but the truth is that I feel I need to be clearer about my policies. If I discuss them here and get feedback from an open forum, then it helps me make better decisions, I think. Anyway.... There are a few softie-related projects that I am extremely excited about which are still in the embryonic stage. Once I get those going and am free to discuss them without fear of jinxing anything (yes, I am superstitious that way), I will be sharing that on here with you at great length (because I am that excited about them). One more thing - this blog will be strictly softie-related going forward. That was my intention when I first started this blog, but I haven't been faithful to it. What can I say? Life is multi-faceted. It's hard for me to stay on-topic all the time. I'll be talking about my other crafty endeavors (knitting, quilting, whatever), life, books, pop culture and people I heart on inside the softie machine, and I will of course continue my obsessive relationship with Flickr, where you can see all sorts of photos I take. In the meanwhile, thank you all for reading this blog. Thank you for all of your comments and your support this last year. It has meant a lot to me. Wishing all of you all the best in the new year and lots and lots of love.


AlishaLars said...

As disappointing as it is that I might not be able to commission an item in the future, I totally understand. I had five commission pieces this Christmas, and by the end I was literally throwing things at the walls. Things like, "When I said light blue, I was thinking tiffany blue, not baby blue," drove me insane.

Be well. Get things done for yourself.

tiel said...

enjoy your time away from this space.

Happy Epiphany to you. This is a time that we put away all our decorations and celebrate the Befana..my husband's family is Italian.

Haley said...

good for you for taking a break and taking control of life and your business. enjoy your family and "me" time. it is a well-deserved break.