04 December 2007

these fingerpuppets in progress totally remind me of chupa-chups

Do you remember Chupa Chups - those little perfectly spherical lollipops that come in a wonderful variety of flavors? One year, when I went to Puerto Rico to see my family, Chupa Chups must have been all the rage because just about everywhere you went people were trying to shove one in your mouth. (Pervo please! It's not as dirty as it sounds.) I don't know if there were just trucks sprinkling them on the population, but they were everywhere. Seriously, I went to visit an 80 year old great aunt up way in Miraflores, and she handed me a Chupa Chup. "These are great! I can't eat sweets, but you take it." It kinda felt like an endless rave in the jungle with everyone handing you lollipops. By the end of my three weeks there, I thought my teeth were going to just start falling out of my head. I know there's a sugar-free variety of these, but I don't think these were the ones everyone was madly consuming. Anyway, these little guys remind me of Chupa Chups, only they won't give anyone cavities with their sweetness.

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Anna said...

Chupa chups! I had no idea they were Spanish! (Oh wikipedia, you're the best.) They are still huge here in Australia - well, they did go away for a while in the 80s I think but then became "in" again a few years ago and never went away... some stores still have those big pole dispensers with chupa chups sticking out like spikes. Love the puppets!