31 January 2008

love is in the air

Shop update tomorrow, February 1, at 3 PM EST.

28 January 2008


New friends in the works. To quote Astrud, "I'm as busy as a spider spinning daydreams."

27 January 2008

one post in three notes

1 - I LOVE wawaya! This little dragon up here is one of her recent creations, and I am thrilled to have it living with me.

2 - Thank you to everyone who bought something from my shop update on Friday. The next update will be February 1st, with a whole new bunch of Valentine's Day themed goodies.

3 - Knitography tagged me for a "You Make My Day Award." Thanks, Knitography! To see the 10 blogs I nominated, please go here. Also, I realize now that I forgot to include one very important blog on that list, and that is the needle. How great is it that there is a softie site out there by softie makers for softie makers? Can you smell the wonderful aroma of democracy there? By the people for the people! I LOVE that! And there is such an abundance of creativity and softie love over there. Please do check it out. (I left out a ton of blogs that I love actually - since it was limited to 10, I just listed the first 10 that came to mind.)

24 January 2008

tomorrow tomorrow

valentine's day mice

Just a reminder, I am updating the shop tomorrow with a load of new Valentine-themed goodies at 3PM EST. Please drop by and check it out.

23 January 2008

hooray for super-awesome swaps!

for Julia

I recently made this little guy pictured above for a swap I had arranged with the talented Julia of knitterly things. I love Julia's work and am definitely a huge fan of her yarns, so I was super-excited about this swap. Imagine my unmitigated joy when this arrived at my doorstep yesterday! Holy handspun goodness! I am besides myself with delight. Thank you so much, Julia, for such a super-awesome excellent swap!

22 January 2008

critters for friends

My friend Eileen came up to visit from NYC this weekend, and these guys here were merrily awaiting her. Eileen is a massage therapist, and she placed an order with me a couple of months ago for critters to give to some of her prenatal and postnatal clients as a way of saying "thank you." I was really excited to work with her on this. I hope your clients love 'em, Eileen!

21 January 2008

the needle

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about the needle, but if you haven't, please go there immediately. It is so exciting to be a part of this. There are so many cool, talented softie-makers on there, and I am really enjoying learning more about them. There is truly an abundance of creativity over there.

18 January 2008

well hello there!

My blog break took a little longer than I had planned, but I really have appreciated that time. I have been busy working on a bunch of Valentine's Day themed mice and a few other surprises for a large shop update next Friday. There a few changes to the shop this year, as I am trying to make the time for a couple of large projects that are going to be a bit consuming. First of all, I will not be doing any more commissions until April (except for the single one I have pending - so don't worry dear friend, I am still on for that). I am sorry to say that and hope that doesn't make me a big bad meanie, but I just can't work on a bunch of commissions and manage to work on these two other projects, as much as I would love to do so. I have to be realistic with how much time I have and what I can afford to take on, which was a big problem for me last year. Secondly, I am not reserving items anymore unless they are already posted onto my etsy shop. I know the majority of you folks feel that it is okay to reserve items that people see on my Flickr or on the blog, but I still don't think it is totally fair to everyone to go about things that way. I just want to be a little more egalitarian is all. If you are on my mailing list, I notify you immediately after I update. I am planning to do more regular updates, and I have a bunch of new designs up my sleeve, so I am actually pretty excited about this new year and hope you are too.

In the meanwhile, I leave you with some softies that I am really loving and find totally inspiring:

girl savage's loch ness monster
wawaya's dragons
Brie's tortoise
Hillary's folky doll
Abby's latest wading bird
one red robin's doddi bears
Dawn's tweet tweet bird love=creature

01 January 2008

happy new year!!!

Happy new year everyone!!! Hope the new year brings you all the very best! And here's to another year of softies!