22 January 2008

critters for friends

My friend Eileen came up to visit from NYC this weekend, and these guys here were merrily awaiting her. Eileen is a massage therapist, and she placed an order with me a couple of months ago for critters to give to some of her prenatal and postnatal clients as a way of saying "thank you." I was really excited to work with her on this. I hope your clients love 'em, Eileen!


Sonya said...

The turquoise ones with their eyes closed - sooooo cute. They look blissed out.

EarthySoul said...

Hey Maritza! I just wanted to say "Thank YOU!" my clients absolutely loved, loved, loved them! and they are all gone except the turquoise and orange one...it kinda resembles the "EarthySoul" colors...so I might keep it as a SotoMascot! :-)

thanks again,