14 February 2008

touching base

Hey all! Just wanted to drop by and say hello and let you all know that tomorrow's update has actually been rescheduled for Wednesday of next week. I have family coming into town this weekend and therefore lots of cleaning and organizing to do in the next couple of days. The good news is that it will be a big update, with hopefully up to 20 pieces. Please stay tuned for that.

Also, I was recently featured in this lovely blog titled oh © chou that is devoted to beautiful children's things (toys, clothing, accessories, etc.). I am delighted to be included among such talented artisans in such a lovely blog. Thank you so much Nicole. MercĂ­!

The little guy in the photo above is Rover, by the way. Rover is one of my earliest plush toys. (Not of my own design or making, of course!) I have had him now for about 27 years, and he has been such a faithful companion all that time. Funny fact - when I first found Malachi, I wanted to name him Rover, as I initially referred to him to Matt as "real Rover" despite the breed difference and all. After talking it over some with Matt, we decided to name him Malachi (we were reading Ulysses at the time), but it was this close to being Rover. I've posted this photo of Rover not only because he is such a treasured softie around these parts but also in honor of this year's Westminster winner, Uno, an adorable little beagle. Congrats to Uno, that cutie! (Please note that I am supporting breedism, since obviously, I believe the best dogs aren't bought but found. If you must have a dog of a specific breed, please go to a rescue organization for that specific breed. There are so many out there.)

Hope you are all having a lovely week!


Sonya said...

His little nose, loved to one side. So precious. I always think of the Velveteen Rabbit and old toys being real. Happy Valentine's Day!

Pauline said...

the "real Rover" makes me think of Tolkien's Roverandom - one of my kids' favorite books! All about the adventures of a real dog (Rover) who becomes a toy and seeks to regain his realness!