25 February 2008

up up and away

in today's shop update

The shop has been updated, and there are still some cuddlies left. I am planning my next update for Friday, March 7th, at 1PM EST. Unless life conspires against me as it did for this last update, you can safely bet that this date and time is a definite. I am going to include bunnies, mice, a new batch of garden variety partiers, and a few surprises. Thank you to everyone who has already snatched up a woodchuck or other softie. Dude, let me tell you folks, this morning was rough, what with no heat for a couple of days and having to deal with the "professionals" at N-Star (he actually said to me, "You have a fireplace. You have plenty of heat!" Uhhh, yeah, if we had firewood that would be awesome! but we don't so watch the birdy) and a plethora of other useless nonsense that got in my way and delayed me. I feel exhausted, grouchy, punchy/slappy/kicky, headachy, and I still haven't had lunch. I am taking tomorrow off and going to a museum because I have been sewing for over a week straight and need a little break. The stuff I wasn't able to finish for today's update (which was a lot, actually - there are 7 different things in progress as I type) will be included in the next one.

P.S. - It has taken me about an hour to write just one simple blog post because I have been interrupted every five minutes about the heat. I know nothing of thermostats and furnaces. I know softies (and art history, music, anime, and some philosophy - ask me about those topics, please). I know how to build a bike. I know how to start a fire (hint - you need wood, which we don't have unless we start burning furniture or chopping down trees in the backyard). I think I even know how to change a tire despite the fact that I don't drive. But I know NOTHING about furnaces. I am not the person to ask. I want to scream.


Barbara Prime said...

I hope you enjoy your trip to the museum. What are you planning to see? You have my best wishes that it helps you relax and regain your cheeriness :)

By the way, your toys look gorgeous as usual. No one would suspect they were made under such trying circumstances!

Ashley said...

DO NOT under any circumstances chop up the blue chair for firewood.