06 March 2008

hooray for spring and bloggiversaries!

rejoicing bug

It definitely feels like Spring is here, for now at least. The snow has melted away, there's green on the ground again, and it feels balmy and beautiful. The new garden variety partiers are just rejoicing! By the way, in case you hadn't already noticed, I just realized I am perhaps a wee bit obsessed with my softies' behinds. But they're just so cute!

I also just realized that yesterday was this blog's one year anniversary. So happy bloggiversary to me! Woohoo! Thank you all for stopping by and reading and for all of your kind comments. I have been a little scattered lately; despite the fact that I knew it was coming up soon, I didn't plan for it. So next week I will hold a little giveaway to celebrate both Spring and this here bloggamathing's anniversary and also as a way of saying thank you to you guys for your continued support and readership. I'll share the details here as soon as I figure out what I am doing. For now, I encourage you all to go outside and take a walk and enjoy this gorgeous day we are having.


Sonya said...

Happy blog anniversary Maritza!

Bea said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!! Your little bunny bottoms made my day yesterday.

Emily said...

Happy "Blogiversary" Maritza!

kris said...

oh man, do i HAVE to go outside? there's slush on the ground and it's raining really hard and it's very very windy and almost dark. i'm cold!

(oh yeah: happy bloggiversary! mwah! love you!)