10 March 2008

it's a hoot and a holler

owl for Megan

You know when you have been meaning to say something for so long that when presented with the opportunity, all you can come up with is silence because suddenly the words you've been piling together and piecing carefully in your mind for so long have been blown away by the wind that's burst in through that open window? Yeah, that's kinda how I feel lately. Every time I think of something even remotely interesting to say on here, I have to hold off because either I am working on something or otherwise occupied, and when I finally manage to make the time, I just can't think of what to say or second-guess myself and end up concluding that whatever it was wasn't worth sharing. It's not quite like writer's block. It's more like performance anxiety. Like I'm about to sing some song, looked out into the audience, and suddenly forgot all the lyrics. It's part of the disconnect I've been feeling with Blogolandia lately. It's not you; it's me. Heh.

Anyway, the owl seen above is a special piece that I made for Megan upon her thoughtful boyfriend's request. He wanted to give her something special to celebrate passing her prelims and her oral exam, which she did. So congratulations, Megan! We knew you would rock it!

This is also the first and only owl I have ever made. I have always wanted to make one, but with so many fabulous owls out there, I was always a little daunted. I think that I was successful at coming up with a design that reflects my style and is very much in line with my particular softie aesthetic. Funnily enough, as I was working on this, I had plenty of real-life inspiration - there's a screech owl living in one of the oak trees in our neighbor's backyard, which kinda butts up to our porch. We hear it every night but have yet to actually see it. It has an interesting call, totally not like what one would expect. I remember hearing owls in Puerto Rico, and they hoo-hoo-hooted. Screech owls have a different call; it kinda sounds like it's lur-lur-lur-ling at you. Ummm, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I think I may play around more with this design and maybe make a screech owl. More on that soon....

P.S. For an overhead view of our little owl friend, please have a look at this great shot Megan took.