13 March 2008

little lambs


These are going to be in tomorrow's shop update. Also, I am pushing back the time from 1PM to 3PM EST. I hope you all understand. I am going to need a little bit of extra time to photograph and color correct all the bugs and bunnies that I am working on for tomorrow. Also, although I appreciate your responses and enthusiasm, I am not able to reserve any of these. I am shutting off the computer until noon tomorrow so that I can get work done. There's a lot of stuff that I need to finish. I'd like to take next week off to work on my taxes (yeah, it's been rough going trying to work on them in bits and pieces because there's so much stuff to go through) and to tie up a few loose ends that I have let go for too long. The next update will hopefully be Wednesday the 26th. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you're all having a lovely week.

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