25 April 2008

the fruit bats

Fruit Bats

As a child, when we used to visit our family in Puerto Rico, I used to particularly love, albeit in a combination of frightened and fascinated, visiting my paternal grandfather, Irené, who lived in what was essentially a wooden shack on a cliff surrounded by jungle. I remember being baffled by his home since he had no plumbing, no indoor bathroom, and his electricity was limited as it came from a small generator underneath the tiny two-room house. It felt like visiting "The Land of the Lost" when we would go there, and I would imagine that the 5-foot long iguanas strolling about the path in front of the house were actually small dinosaurs. My parents would go picking oranges with my grandfather (when he was well enough to walk), and I would stay by the house and play with the stray dogs or pick hibiscus flowers and put them in my ponytails (don't ask). If we stayed on too long, the fruit bats would come out as the sun was setting, which freaked me out as I wasn't exactly acquainted with bats much less used to having them whiz about me. My father made it worse by telling me that they would get tangled up in my hair. So I was afraid of bats for a long time, until I saw one up close at the zoo on a class trip. Then I became totally enamored with them and wanted one as a pet because they were so darn cute. Anyway, I guess this is a long way of saying these bats are the totally friendly, won't-get-tangled-in-your-hair because-they-are-SO-not-after-your-blood variety, and they want to be your friend. Irené and Felita will be up in the shop at 3PM EST.


woolies said...

Your work is awesome, How could I have not seen you before???

Rebecca said...

LOVE the fruit bats, such lovely color combinations and details. am enjoying the lamb finger puppets you sent last week, maybe 2 weeks ago? time flies when you/I play with lamb puppets!

Natalie said...

I love the fruit bats too - I am eagerly awaiting my Bella the garden variety partier! Any chance of some black fruit bats? (They're very black around here).
Love your softies!

maryse said...

what a lovely story and cute bats. although i'm sure yours are a billion times cuter than the originals.