21 April 2008


snacking mantis

Oh look! It's the first mantis of the Spring! And it's, uhhhhhhh, snacking on a bunny....

These two guys here are going to be the prizes for a contest that my father-in-law is hosting for his final class of the semester. The class is on corporations, and the mantis is supposed to represent "predatory fiduciaries," while the bunny is supposed to represent the "friendly" variety. By the way, did I mention this contest will entail singing? The students have to compose and perform their own songs all about fiduciaries. Seriously, my father-in-law rocks.

This is the second year that I have made the prizes for this contest, I am happy to say. Last year, it was a little last minute, but this year, I had plenty of time to calmly work on this duo. I have to admit, I am pretty happy with the results and hope that the prize-winning students love them to bits. For a better photo of the mantis on its own, please go here.

Oh, and speaking of insect softies, I am sure that most of you are already well familiar with her works, but I just have to gush about her because I love her work so much. Weirdbuglady has been blowing me away with her amazing creations lately. If you haven't already checked out her fantastic blog, please go do so right now. I promise, you will LOVE it. She is all sorts of awesome! Happy Monday everyone!


sarah said...

The mantis is so cool, I'm rooting for the bad guys.

Not to say the bunny isn't cool, but who can argue with mantis power?

Melissa said...

Oh that poor bunny, lol!! These are both so cute!!

Weirdbuglady said...

Aww you're too sweet!

And I have to say I LOVE your mantids, I've seen your flickr page and they've stolen my heart.