16 April 2008

welcome to my messy mess

Hi folks! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am working away on stuff for the shop's next update, April 23rd @ 3 PM. The photo above is just a taste of what will be available. I am working on some mice and ducks and other goodies, too, including several finger puppets and a big surprise. I'll try to post photos of the finished pieces on here as I can. In the meanwhile, please drop by the shop to see what's available. I have received several emails from folks who want a sneak peek as to what's available and I really am not able to provide that right now (since I don't have things 100% completed, much less properly photographed). I'm very thankful and appreciate the interest, but I hope you understand. It's very time consuming for me to email everyone photos individually, which is what I have been doing lately, and it's not proving to be as efficient as I would like. Besides, that's why I have the blog and my Flickr account, so please do drop by and check out what I'm up to. Thanks! :)

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