15 May 2008

after these messages...

Sparky the Mouse

I'm outta here for a few days, folks. I'll be visiting with some friends in Philly. While I feel bad about stepping away from the studio right now that things are so busy, I do need this little getaway and am super-excited (ridiculously so) to see these folks. It is going to be an awesome weekend! By the way, if you happen to find yourself in the South End in Boston over the weekend, please check out the Open Studios at 450 Harrison Ave. Matt will be there in Studio 419 on both Saturday and Sunday, May 17th - 18th, from 10 AM to 6 PM. In addition to the fabulous paintings and prints he has been working on lately, he will also have a few of my softies available for sale. Hope you guys can check it out. There are a lot of truly talented artists in that area so it's worth checking out if you're out and about. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

07 May 2008

why hello there, springtime!


Hey folks! Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather. Just dropping by to say hello. Life is busy; things are great. I was hoping to update the shop this Friday but only have a couple of pieces ready. Being as I prefer to do big updates rather than little ones, since it is pretty time-consuming to update, the next shop update will be on Friday, May 23rd (@3 PM EST). I am planning to go all out with that one. After that, the shop will be quiet for a while, but there are other things in the works, which I will get to in due time. In the meanwhile, thank you kind folks for stopping by and please do check in. I promise to be a better blogger and post more frequently, pretty this place up a bit.