31 July 2008

Ben the Bibliobug

Ben loves books

Pinky has some fun company in the new shop - Ben the Garden Variety Partier is there with her. Since Ben is a voracious bookbug, Pinky has thrown the book that has taken over blog-o-landia onto his to-read pile. He is slowly getting over himself and warming up to it, even if he grumbles to himself and yells "OMG! Hello stalker!" and "Seriously, what chick falls for a dude who asks her if she thinks he's scary?" as he reads it.

To see a large version of this photo of the many angles of Ben, please click on the photo itself:


sarah said...

I decided to read this series, since it is so popular, and I have to say, I'm right there with you. I can see why teenagers like it, because its over the top drama the whole time and that's pretty much how teens see the world, but from an "adult" (as much as I can be considered one ^_^) perspective, it just isnt as good as it could be. And just wait until you read the rest. It just gets worse... or better, as the case may be!

tiennie said...

This is really cute!