14 July 2008

ele-pa-hants are on their way!

ele-pa-hants in progress

Hi folks! It may be quiet around this here bloggy-thang, but it is busy-busy in real life. I have a bunch of new softies in the works, including a limited edition batch of elephants, which will be going up in the shop this Thursday at 3PM EST. I am planning on doing limited editions of different designs here and there throughout the summer, in addition to commissions, so please stay tuned for those as well. And yes! That's right! I will be taking on commissions once again. I am very excited about this. There will be new rules in effect regarding commissions, however, that will hopefully make things run smoother, and those will be posted later on in the week. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are all having a fabulous summer so far and that it only gets better.

P.S. - The elephants you see in the photo above are still in progress, and they are two of seven. Since I am not quite finished with these, I am unable to take reservations at this moment. Thanks for understanding.


Alice said...

Oh my these guys are the cutest! I'm excited to see what else you have in store for us this summer.

I'll be in the car probably somewhere in Idaho on Thursday so I'll miss the shop update, but the news about the commissions is SO exciting!

Hope you're having a fabulous summer so far too. Mine's been rocky but it can only go up from here ;)

Knitsonya said...

They are so wonderful Maritza! I might just have to commission one.

Danielle said...

I just marked my calendar with your shop update time. I'm stalking an elephant! As you might have guessed from my trail of emails and comments :)

melissa said...

i love these! where did you get the cute tree fabric that is in the top photo?

sulu-design said...

OOOH! A new animal to add to the fabulous herd (or group, or gaggle, or, you know what I mean). Loving the looks of these.