17 July 2008

the elephant parade

the elephant parade

When we lived in LIC, whenever the circus would come to town, they would have the elephants walk from the train tracks at Hunter's Point to the Midtown Tunnel, where they would march all the way to Madison Square Garden. Regardless of whatever political stance one may have on circuses (I know people who think it's criminal and I know others who think it is vital to the preservation of certain species), it is truly awe-inspiring to see these gigantic animals get in line and trot through the deserted industrial part of the neighborhood (which has probably been converted to condos at this point) under streetlamps and march to the Tunnel. I am left with a mixture of joy and sadness, totally amazed by their beauty and stature, wishing they were going somewhere much nicer than MSG.

These elephants aren't joining any circus or marching anywhere else for that matter, but they have made their way to the shop and hope to find themselves new homes soon.


Local Egg said...

One of my most favorite driving around town moments ever was sitting in what seemed like weird traffic over by the Sonesta and then noticing the elephants being escorted down the street!

Your elephants are too cute!

Eva said...

they are so lovely- i wish my pocketbook wasn't so tight lately :( cuz i would scoop one up in a second otherwise! i hope they find good homes :D

ddugan said...

local egg used to work near me -- the elephants come to campus every year!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Hurrah for the elephant parade (or eleflumps as they are called in our household!)

tiennie said...

I love your elephant parade!

Monika Dubska said...

waw they are really great!
well made too! hope they go to a house will other animals xD

love your blog!
hope to hear from you, Monika