06 August 2008

stepping away from the machine

Okay guys, Comcast is just killing me. It's either I get no internet or the connection is slower than dial-up. I don't have the patience for this. Seriously, a teeny post (like this one) is a HUGE pain in the butt right now with all the stalling and stuff. I am turning off the computer for a few days because the only other option is to lose my bananas over something that I have absolutely no control over. Here's hoping Comcast gets their guano together soon so I can check my email without banging my head against my desk. If you email me, I will get back to you as soon as I can, but please understand that it may take a couple of days. In the meanwhile, if you know me in real life and need to reach me, text me or call me on my cell. Or you know, send smoke signals or whatnot.... I'll be in my studio, merrily working on some commissions. I'm making progress on them, folks! I should have the first batch finished by the end of the week. Hopefully the stars will align or something and my computer and the Airport and the mofo internet will be working together in harmony just in time for me to post the finished pieces for their recipients. See you all soon!


sally said...

Good luck with the internet. I find it so frustrating when I can't get a simple post on or even check blogs. I love the new bat - all the softies are ever so cute.

tiennie said...

Such cute softies!

I hope the internet stuff gets worked out soon!

diana said...

Good luck!

Mayra René said...

Hello Mariza!!!

You are fabulous with your pretty creations
I congratulate you and at the same time I invite you to that you visit my blog, do dolls in mixed media and follow your blog for some months.

Mayra René

Anonymous said...

These Softies are amazing, this bat is stunning and very clever