15 September 2008

and they're up!

The shop has been updated. There are several new bats as well as a couple from the old etsy days (Zak and Binky), which were actually not all that long ago (like what? a week?). I have individual postcards available as well as sets of 6 with three matching envelopes. I am planning to sell sets of 8 once I get the new ones in. That way I can offer 4 of one design and 4 of another in a single set. I figure folks like variety; I know I do. Also, as far as the bat patterns, I hope to have those available for the next update, which will be Monday, Sept. 29th @ 3PM EST. I am planning lots of stuff between now and Halloween, including some new creepycute designs and lots more bats. Please do drop by.

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tiennie said...

You do such cute work!! So amazing too!