26 September 2008

the good stuff

After a week filled with a string of setbacks and one major disaster averted (thankfully!), I am settling in to finish several pieces for next week on this gray day feeling more than a little tired but grateful, thinking of the good things in life and things that I like, such as:

  • the sound of the needle on a record as it starts to play, that crackle and hiss
  • the tufted titmouse that comes to our humble little birdfeeder every morning
  • having the opportunity to start and almost finish the latest Murakami novel while waiting to see the doctor
  • a room filled with books with funky wallpaper peeking through here and there like this gorgeous room here
  • the potential in stacks of new fabric
  • the crisp smell of autumn in the air
  • big full cups of Cafe Bustelo

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


sally said...

looks like more owls! Looking forward to the shop update next Monday. Setbacks - I've had my few this week. I'm still recovering from one.

tiennie said...

What a great list of good stuff!