17 September 2008

snail revisited

snail - now completely finished 2

I can officially say this snail is finished. My one problem with it last week was that it was tippy and needed something to help balance/stabilize it. These sluggy flaps were the perfect solution! Now it can totally stand on its own.

snail - now completely finished 3

This little snail, named Sally by the way, is off to SuperPlush! @ Ghettogloss in LA, which opens on the 25th. I was hoping to have a second snail finished today to send out with the whole lot of softies going over there, but alas, I was not able to finish it in time. It will therefore go up in my shop with the next update.

1 comment:

tiennie said...

I am repulsed by real life slugs and snails. This is one that I find so adorable!