04 September 2008

talented friends - part 1

Lately, several friends have started their own on-line ventures, and I am so smitten with what they are doing that I have to share it with you. Many of you are already familiar with Megan of the Knitting Philistine. Well, she has a new blog now, 100% philistine made, and a fabulous shop to go with it. She has started making the most gorgeous patchwork pillows, and there are a whole bunch available for sale now in different styles.

She is also working on some tote bags made of linen and patchwork that are both pretty and practical, a perfect piece of Zakka. The tote bags are not available just yet, but they will be soon, so please check out her shop often. Megan is a well of creativity right now, working on new designs and different pieces every day, with a tremendous amount of attention paid to detail and craftsmanship. Her pieces are beautiful, colorful, and meticulously crafted. Have a look and see what's been up to.


tiennie said...

She is talented!

Knitsonya said...

Those are some beautiful pillows!