20 October 2008

call it a premonition

This week is going to kick my ass. I woke up this morning with no voice, much to the relief of Mali and the gang, and what I have now is scratchy and strained. I have no idea how or why or where this came from. All I know is that I have a million deadlines this week, in addition to a personal to-do list a mile long. So the shop update will take place on Friday. After that, there will be only one more update before the holidays, in late November. Also, no more commissions and no wholesale. I want to take the month of November to concentrate on Bazaar Bizarre and to work on a big project that just keeps getting thrown onto the back-burner. It's now or never, and I have to get it done. Please do keep an eye on the blog, however, as I am planning to post some fun Halloween stuff (starting tomorrow) in addition to tips, techniques, and ideas over the next couple of months. There's going to be shift here with less of a focus on the shop and more of a focus on the process and how you can do it too. So please drop in for that. Hope you all had an awesome weekend and that your week is off to a great start.

P.S. - The pieces I contributed to SuperPlush! are available for sale through the GhettoGloss wesbite. Please have a look and contact them if you are interested in anything you see.

P.P.S. - Please excuse the gratuitous dog photo, but I have no interesting softie-related photos to share at the moment because my studio is a mess of half-finished items and parts and pieces and other insanity. So you'll have to settle for the pretty puppy shot. Say hi to the nice people, Malachi!

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craftoholic said...

Mali pics are always welcome! That sucks that you don't feel good, maybe try some Kombucha tea? I felt I was on the verge of getting sick this morning, after a bottle of K I feel much better.