18 November 2008

it's nuts I tell ya!

well hello there! I'm just nuts for squirrels.

One of my goals for Bazaar Bizarre is to have 100 finger puppets finished and ready to sell. My secret goal is to have a whole bunch more so that I can put some up at my shop before December. As it is, I have 62 finger puppets done, and if I should continue at the rate I'm going today, I should have a total of 84 done by tonight. This is exciting, or at least it makes me happy and hopeful. I may complete my goal for BB by the end of the week. Granted, I have about 20 critters I still need to sew, and that's not counting the many other softies in various states of completion hanging out on my work table. Still, I feel a little better about everything knowing that I am making some progress. And look! Squirrel finger puppets! Yay!


sally said...

That's pretty amazing.

Siew said...

These are so fabulous. You'll have to take a picture of the armada of 100 finger puppets! I can't imagine what that must look like.

nicole said...

If your etsy store was a bricks and mortar I'd be the fat lady elbowing and hipping people out of the way for a squirrel finger puppet :)

Larissa Holland said...

so delightfully squirrely.
Much luck with the production goal!