25 November 2008

why hello there!

So today I have good news and (kinda) bad news. Let's start with the bad, since it's really not that bad at all. That tutorial I promised earlier? It was going to be a free template for the wee stockings I made a couple of years ago and some ideas/suggestions for decorating them. Apparently, Martha Stewart beat me to the punch, and her tutorial is much better than mine. I will have something fun for you all soon, though. I am just in the frenzy before the fair. Bazaar Bizarre is just a little over a week away, and I am busy-busy. I should have considered how much time I had to devote to the blog before I said I would have fun tutorial and such this month.

Anyhoo, onto the good news now: I have made so many of these finger puppets that I am putting up a few sets in the shop this Friday at 3PM EST. Each set will consist of 3 finger puppets, and there will be a duplicate of each set so that there will be 8 sets available total.

Okay, gotta get back to the sewing machine now. Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, love, and laughter!


Mama Urchin said...

I love them. They are so darn cute. Plus, I'm thinking I can split them up for 3 days on the advent calendar. Of course, that assumes I can procure a set on Friday.

tiennie said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Ohmygoodness....your work is just so adorable! I love it all!

Rebecca said...

love the little puppets and the stockings. that darn martha grabs all the good stuff first doesn't she? i'll give you the credit though ;)