13 December 2008

for old times' sake

I just put some ducky finger puppets and one parrot in the old etsy shop. For sets of finger puppets and bats and owls and elephants (oh my!), please go to my new shop. That is where I am posting all my new softies these days. Please check your bookmarks and RSS feeds and update them to the new shop as I think I will close down the etsy shop in the new year. I guess today's update is one last hurrah over at etsy.


sarah said...

So, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but I'm genuinely curious. What is the big draw for Bigcartel? Perhaps it is better if you sell more, like you, but I can't see paying $9 a month or whatever, for only selling maybe 30 things in a year. Why did you switch? I'm just wondering what I should do...

maritza said...

You're right. Bigcartel is definitely better if you sell more because you get your money's worth. Also, they do offer free accounts; you're just limited in the amount of items you can have up at once. That's actually how I started with bigcartel, with one of the free accounts and like 5 items up at a time.

I have several problems with etsy, starting with the fact that it's become so over-saturated that no one even sees your items in the category searches because they are flooded out by 50 other seller's items. Also, etsy does nothing to promote my shop anymore. They actually have never promoted my shop. I am never featured on any of their product pages and have never been one of their featured sellers, which is fine, I have no problem with not being hand-picked by them as it seems pretty subjective (there are styles they like and styles that don't appeal to them), but it also means that I don't owe them such loyalty because they have had little to nothing to do with whatever successes I may have as a crafter/softie-maker.

I feel that since I am promoting my own shop and doing all the footwork as far as getting traffic by blogging, Flickring, and networking through other social/crafty media, I am more comfortable with paying a flat monthly fee to a host site whose design is more in keeping with my aesthetic, is easy to maintain, and allows me to update with ease than I am giving etsy a portion of each sale when they do NOTHING to promote me or help me as a seller and I have become so removed from their community. (Also, can I tell you how much I hate doing an etsy update with ten tabs open at once so that everything goes up at the same time and people don't get frustrated with a staggered update? With bigcartel, you just put up a maintenance sign and take your time to carefully update, then re-open the shop when you're done. I realize this is just a personal preference. The etsy thing stresses me out when I update.) Anyway, if I'm just going to pay for a host, then I want one that looks good and makes my product look good. Most months (not the last few because things have been slow), I end up paying between $30 - $40 a month to etsy. See? It makes the $9.99 a month to bigcartel much easier for me to swallow.

If you sell 30 things a year and you are a part of etsy's community and have gotten press and recognition there, then why switch? If you are happy with etsy, then I definitely recommend you stay there. You've got a good thing going on there. For me, it wasn't quite the bees' knees. I realize that I have probably lost some potential sales because of my switch over to bigcartel, but I find that in the end bigcartel just works better for me. I'm not advocating that everyone make the switch because everyone needs to find what works for them. So to each their own, really. The main differences are the following, really:

Bigcartel is no different in a sense from paying a monthly fee to a any host for a site, in this case a shop.
Etsy has more of a community.

Don't know if any of this helped. I kinda want on a whole schpiel there. :)

Jennifer Katherine said...

Gosh your work is SO DANG cute! I too have been trying to decide between etsy and bigcartel. Hmmmm...... :)