10 December 2008

things are bursting in the shop!

Thanks to all of you who have scored yourselves some mini-critters today. You guys rock, BIG TIME! There are still plenty of softies to be had, including some new owls, bats, and lunar moths, not to mention several sets of finger puppets. So please spread the word. Also, because today's update was so big (there were 40 items in my shop at one point), I am not actually done adding stuff, so there will be more finger puppet sets as well as individual puppets added in the next few days. There are a few minis that I didn't get the chance to finish for Bazaar Bizarre, so those will be going up in the shop over the next few days. I would recommend checking in around 3 or so every day for the next week. My last shop update of the year will be Wednesday, December 17th, and my cut-off date for shipping out items for the holidays will be December 19th. Thanks again for all your support, folks!


allisonxo said...

I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog! Your softies are fantastic! I just can't use enough !!!!


Scented Candles and Oils said...

Hello, would these be good to put Scented Oils on? I have seen many fluffy type of animals, but they are large and I don't like the fluff - but I put Essential Oils on one that I have that looks like these dolls (kinda). I'm wondering how well it would absorb scented oils.
Thanks! Great Stuff!