04 December 2008

working for the weekend

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I've had my hands full getting ready for Bazaar Bizarre coming up this weekend. If you're in Boston, please do stop by and say hello. There will be tons of crafters with a wide assortment of lovely handmade items available for sale. The details are as follows:

Bazaar Bizarre
Sunday, December 7, from noon to 7 PM
The Castle @ Park Plaza

It looks like my table will be 107, which is straight towards the back if you walk down the center upon entering. I am still not set up for credit cards, so FYI I can only do cash. Also, just to let you folks know, I will be closing my bigcartel shop on Sunday but will reopen on Monday with an update. I am not sure if I will be able to update the blog between now and Sunday, but I hope to see some of you at Bazaar Bizarre. Have a great weekend folks!


Pants said...

I will definitely see you there, wallet full and ready for a softie!

Danielle said...

See ya on Sunday!

Anna Alter said...

Hi there,

I enjoyed seeing your work at the Bazaar Bizarre this weekend! I LOVED your owls.

Just thought I'd let you know I posted a pic of your softies on my blog today. Thanks for letting me take the pictures.