29 September 2008

hoot hoot!

These guys and a couple of other friends will be included in today's update at 3PM EST. There is only one bat going up today, but I am working on a few more and hope to have them finished for next Monday's update. As for the pattern, things are slow-going with that because I am fumbling my way through Illustrator. My apologies - I hope to have that available for you all in a couple of weeks, just in time for your Halloween preparations. In the meanwhile, there are still postcards sets available for those of you who are interested. Hope you can stop by the shop and check it all out.

26 September 2008

the good stuff

After a week filled with a string of setbacks and one major disaster averted (thankfully!), I am settling in to finish several pieces for next week on this gray day feeling more than a little tired but grateful, thinking of the good things in life and things that I like, such as:

  • the sound of the needle on a record as it starts to play, that crackle and hiss
  • the tufted titmouse that comes to our humble little birdfeeder every morning
  • having the opportunity to start and almost finish the latest Murakami novel while waiting to see the doctor
  • a room filled with books with funky wallpaper peeking through here and there like this gorgeous room here
  • the potential in stacks of new fabric
  • the crisp smell of autumn in the air
  • big full cups of Cafe Bustelo

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

24 September 2008

tomorrow night - superplush!

SuperPlush! opens tomorrow night. If you're in LA, you should definitely check it out. Ghetto Gloss is at 2380 Glendale Blvd, Silverlake, CA. The opening is from 7 to midnight. If you miss the opening, the show is up at their gallery through October 2. Hope you can catch it!

20 September 2008

the second snail

the second snail

It is now just crossing the finish line. It wasn't ready in time to go out to SuperPlush!, but it will go up in the shop in next week's update.

i heart moo!

These little stickers are perfect for throwing in with an order.

18 September 2008

gone baby gone

These guys went off to LA yesterday and should be arriving at Ghettogloss sometime today. Hope they're a hit!

17 September 2008

snail revisited

snail - now completely finished 2

I can officially say this snail is finished. My one problem with it last week was that it was tippy and needed something to help balance/stabilize it. These sluggy flaps were the perfect solution! Now it can totally stand on its own.

snail - now completely finished 3

This little snail, named Sally by the way, is off to SuperPlush! @ Ghettogloss in LA, which opens on the 25th. I was hoping to have a second snail finished today to send out with the whole lot of softies going over there, but alas, I was not able to finish it in time. It will therefore go up in my shop with the next update.

15 September 2008

and they're up!

The shop has been updated. There are several new bats as well as a couple from the old etsy days (Zak and Binky), which were actually not all that long ago (like what? a week?). I have individual postcards available as well as sets of 6 with three matching envelopes. I am planning to sell sets of 8 once I get the new ones in. That way I can offer 4 of one design and 4 of another in a single set. I figure folks like variety; I know I do. Also, as far as the bat patterns, I hope to have those available for the next update, which will be Monday, Sept. 29th @ 3PM EST. I am planning lots of stuff between now and Halloween, including some new creepycute designs and lots more bats. Please do drop by.

14 September 2008

oh, i kinda meant 3pm

As I am putting together card sets and finishing up the last of the items to be included in tomorrow's update I realized that I had said here that the update would be for 1PM, which might be cutting it too close for me considering that I have to walk to the post office and get exact shipping costs for all three different card set options, as well as get the proper envelopes to mail them, in addition to a whole slew of other things that I really should have considered before I announced to you all that the update would happen at 1PM. So for the sake of my sanity, the update has been pushed back to 3PM EST tomorrow. I hope this works for you all as well. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

13 September 2008


These two lunar moths are going off to SuperPlush! next week.

10 September 2008

happy arrivals

Good things in the mail today! First, my recent order of wool felt arrived in the morning, so I was able to cut a whole buncha bats to sew later (or tomorrow since I am kinda tired right now). Then, I got the Halloween postcards which I hope to put up in the new shop on Monday. I'm pretty happy with the quality of the printing, and I do so love lil' Pinky McGee. I was thinking of maybe doing a couple more card designs, but I'll figure that out later in the week. For now, I am wondering if I should sell the sets with or without envelopes being as they are postcards and not folding cards. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions....

09 September 2008

i've got four things for ya


1. OMG SALE! In order to make some room here for new stuff and to clear out the etsy shop, I am offering the remaining pieces on there at new reduced prices. So please have a look.

2. Also, I have been featured on the Bazaar Bizarre Boston Blog. They are posting profiles on all the vendors between now and the holidays. Looks like I was the first person to answer their questionnaire. I heart the folk at BB.

3. All orders that have been placed yesterday and today might end up going out tomorrow instead of today as planned because it has been pouring here and I am not too keen on walking the mile to the post office. It's been clear in little patches, but that also means it's been raining on and off and I don't want to risk getting caught on the way there. I don't care about getting drenched on my way back, but I don't want the packages to get soaked. If Matt can borrow his parents' car and drive me there after work, then everything will go out today. If not, then tomorrow. I'll notify you all as soon as your purchases are sent. (God, we live like fricking teenagers, borrowing a car because we don't have our own anymore. I'm going to comfort myself by thinking that it's not that we don't have a car because we suck and that it's because we have made a decision to live green and just walk everywhere - walking is good, right? Except for when it's pissing rain.)

4. I'm working on a batch of snails for SuperPlush!, and this little guy here is my prototype. I like the design, but there are some kinks I need to work out. I need to do something about its weight because right now it is very tippy. I'm thinking of adding that sluggy edge along its sides on the bottom so that it will balance and stabilize it a bit. I also need to find a better way of sewing the shell together. Once I figure that out, I am going to crank out a few more. I need to get everything ready to be shipped out on Monday, so off to the ol' work table I go. Hope you're all having a great Tuesday!

08 September 2008

ciarán & declan

Ciarían and Declan flew in all the way from Bunratty Castle and are making a brief stop here before continuing on their way to SuperPlush! in CA. Sweethearts that they are, they brought me a case of Tayto for letting them crash on my ironing board. They certainly know the way to my heart. Mmmmmmmmmm, Taytooooooooooo....

07 September 2008

zelly played guiiiiiiiitar

Zelly the Space Alien

I really don't make enough of these. I should make a whole cast of space aliens and build a funny ship for them and perhaps even film some stop-action animation intergalactic odyssey. Hmmmmmm, let's save that for a day when I'm feeling more ambitious.... For now, I am happy to present Zelly to you all.

06 September 2008

aidan & barry

You know what rocks? When you find a print that works beautifully with what you had in mind.

05 September 2008

i'm feeling like the pointer sisters right now

I'm so excited!!!! And I just can't hide it! Dude, good news abounds 'round these parts here. First, I am happy to announce that I will be participating in Boston's Bazaar Bizarre this December. I am doing a little happy dance as I type. I cannot wait! Second, we are gearing up for Halloween, my second favorite holiday next to Valentine's Day, and I am working on a bunch of stuff for the shop, including cards, embroidery patterns, bat softie patterns, and tons of bats, plus a few new creepycute softies. The next shop update will be September 15th @ 1PM, and all of these items will be included in this update. Third, although I am not at liberty to discuss the details, I am working on a bunch of items for a special client, and once everything is set and straight, I will be shouting about this like the town crier - I am THAT ridiculously and joyously excited about this. So yay!!! The summer was quiet, but things are hopping now as we approach Fall.

04 September 2008

talented friends - part 1

Lately, several friends have started their own on-line ventures, and I am so smitten with what they are doing that I have to share it with you. Many of you are already familiar with Megan of the Knitting Philistine. Well, she has a new blog now, 100% philistine made, and a fabulous shop to go with it. She has started making the most gorgeous patchwork pillows, and there are a whole bunch available for sale now in different styles.

She is also working on some tote bags made of linen and patchwork that are both pretty and practical, a perfect piece of Zakka. The tote bags are not available just yet, but they will be soon, so please check out her shop often. Megan is a well of creativity right now, working on new designs and different pieces every day, with a tremendous amount of attention paid to detail and craftsmanship. Her pieces are beautiful, colorful, and meticulously crafted. Have a look and see what's been up to.

02 September 2008

oh yay!

I am happy to say that Volare the Elephant was featured on custom toy lab a couple of days ago. Many thanks to Raphael for including my work on his super-fun blog.