28 November 2008

guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day

Shop update today at 3PM EST. Fingerpuppets galore!

25 November 2008

why hello there!

So today I have good news and (kinda) bad news. Let's start with the bad, since it's really not that bad at all. That tutorial I promised earlier? It was going to be a free template for the wee stockings I made a couple of years ago and some ideas/suggestions for decorating them. Apparently, Martha Stewart beat me to the punch, and her tutorial is much better than mine. I will have something fun for you all soon, though. I am just in the frenzy before the fair. Bazaar Bizarre is just a little over a week away, and I am busy-busy. I should have considered how much time I had to devote to the blog before I said I would have fun tutorial and such this month.

Anyhoo, onto the good news now: I have made so many of these finger puppets that I am putting up a few sets in the shop this Friday at 3PM EST. Each set will consist of 3 finger puppets, and there will be a duplicate of each set so that there will be 8 sets available total.

Okay, gotta get back to the sewing machine now. Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, love, and laughter!

23 November 2008

matt rocks the party that rocks the party!

I am so lucky. Matt made a finger puppet display for me to use for Bazaar Bizarre. And he's making a second one. Yay! Not only will I have the neat flat display from last year, but now I will have the two elevated ones that also function as softie propper-uppers. He rocks! We'll be painting them later in the week - white or robin's egg blue.

20 November 2008

i've been a busy little beaver

Last night, I finished up some more finger puppets, bringing the total number of puppets finished for Bazaar Bizarre so far to 91 - just 9 shy of my goal of 100. Almost there! Woohoo! Which is great because now I can focus on the critters and bats and a few other things I have up my sleeve, and it also allows me more time on the side to whip up a batch of fingerpuppets for the shop. I am on the fence about whether or not to totally do away with the etsy shop, as people are pretty fond of etsy and there's a huge craft-appreciating crowd over there. I'm thinking what I may do is put up one batch of puppets up at my etsy shop and another on my bigcartel, giving anyone who reads this ol' blog and folks on the email list the advantage in knowing which batch is going where. It may sound complicated, but I guarantee you, it will be all easy breezy fingerpuppets!

Anyhoo, I have not forgotten about the ornaments I promised you good folks. I just want to get a few more things cleared off my plate before I work on those. I am hoping to have a few things ready for this coming Wednesday morning. Please do have a peek then.

18 November 2008

it's nuts I tell ya!

well hello there! I'm just nuts for squirrels.

One of my goals for Bazaar Bizarre is to have 100 finger puppets finished and ready to sell. My secret goal is to have a whole bunch more so that I can put some up at my shop before December. As it is, I have 62 finger puppets done, and if I should continue at the rate I'm going today, I should have a total of 84 done by tonight. This is exciting, or at least it makes me happy and hopeful. I may complete my goal for BB by the end of the week. Granted, I have about 20 critters I still need to sew, and that's not counting the many other softies in various states of completion hanging out on my work table. Still, I feel a little better about everything knowing that I am making some progress. And look! Squirrel finger puppets! Yay!

13 November 2008

the day is too long and there's no end in sight

What a terribly unproductive day I had in the worst way today. I was trying to get a ton done, but my wheels were spinning helplessly. My work area was off limits due to the electricians coming to do some re-wiring and putting in some lights. Suffice it to say, working on a tiny surface that is shared with a pile of laundry (that I really should have put away) and fighting off the curious kitties while standing the whole day makes me a little grumpy. I got very little done, and now I need to keep working until I get the puppets finished even if it means staying up all night. Because tomorrow is another busy day. And the electricians will be back again. Ugh. On the upshot, we now have light in our living room, which makes me very happy. So hooray!

I'll hopefully have some ornaments to share with you over the weekend or first thing next week. Until then, hope you're all having a great week!

10 November 2008

busy busy busy

Sorry things have been so quiet around these parts lately. I have been busy sewing up a bunch of stuff, including a mountain of finger puppets, for Bazaar Bizarre, and also working on a number of other projects. I feel kinda bad that in all of this flurry of activity, I have dropped the ball on a couple of other assignments, but I am trying to keep my eye on the big prize here and focus on BB.

I am also planning to have some ornament patterns to share with you all soon (end of this week or beginning of next), so please do drop by for that. Huge thanks to all the sites that featured my bat puppet tutorial. I was surprised by how many of you did so. Thank you so much!