25 December 2008

christmas armadillo...

...wishes you all a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, love, and laughter! Have a great one, folks!

17 December 2008

you can stick a fork in me - i'm done!

With this last mini-elephant for an existing order, I am done with the shop for the holidays. I will be shipping stuff for the next couple of days and will happily email out penguin PDFs, but no more updates for the next couple of weeks. Also, as I was finishing a couple of mini-critters last night, I realized that I haven't even made anything for the kids in my life, specifically my nephew, whose birthday I totally forgot about (it's this Saturday - yikes!). So I think I need to take care of that because I love my little nephew, and he seems to appreciate my toys. He still plays with the bunny I made for him when he was just a baby. I can't believe he's going to be 3 already. I still can't believe my baby sister is a mommy. And I still can't believe my baby sister is almost 30 and not a baby anymore. Yep, time is funny, huh? Anyhoo, I'll be around, finishing last minute presents and decorations and stuff. Thanks for another wonderful year, folks.

16 December 2008

hey mr. bojangles, you coo-coo crazy way-out swinging bat

One last-minute bat up in the shop, and tomorrow I will (hopefully) have the last of the mini-critters (the handful that didn't get finished in time for Bazaar Bizarre) up there as well. Friday is my last day for shipping before the holidays, folks, so get your softies and finger puppet sets in while you can. I think I am going to close the shop for a week or so after the 19th - no shipping until after Xmas and no shop updates until January when I get back from celebrating Three Kings with my family in NY. My hands totally need a break right now. I will continue to email patterns out as orders come in for them, so no worries about those. In the meanwhile, I need to decorate this place! Hmmm, I need to think of some quick, easy, and cute ornaments....

14 December 2008

penguin to the rescue!

Looking for a last-minute crafty gift to make? Perhaps this plucky penguin fits the bill! I just posted my first pattern to the shop, and I hope people like it. Huge thanks to Matt for the diagrams and layout.

13 December 2008

for old times' sake

I just put some ducky finger puppets and one parrot in the old etsy shop. For sets of finger puppets and bats and owls and elephants (oh my!), please go to my new shop. That is where I am posting all my new softies these days. Please check your bookmarks and RSS feeds and update them to the new shop as I think I will close down the etsy shop in the new year. I guess today's update is one last hurrah over at etsy.

10 December 2008

things are bursting in the shop!

Thanks to all of you who have scored yourselves some mini-critters today. You guys rock, BIG TIME! There are still plenty of softies to be had, including some new owls, bats, and lunar moths, not to mention several sets of finger puppets. So please spread the word. Also, because today's update was so big (there were 40 items in my shop at one point), I am not actually done adding stuff, so there will be more finger puppet sets as well as individual puppets added in the next few days. There are a few minis that I didn't get the chance to finish for Bazaar Bizarre, so those will be going up in the shop over the next few days. I would recommend checking in around 3 or so every day for the next week. My last shop update of the year will be Wednesday, December 17th, and my cut-off date for shipping out items for the holidays will be December 19th. Thanks again for all your support, folks!

09 December 2008

update tomorrow! hooray!

The big holiday shop update will be tomorrow @ 3 PM EST. Please do drop by!

thank you!

Bazaar Bizarre was a huge success this year. Thanks to all who made it down and showed their support for all the talented crafters. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and said hello or bought a softie. It was awesome meeting so many people. I was so psyched to see a few familiar faces, as well as to meet some folks whose work I have long admired. I was also lucky enough to be situated right across from two of my favorite people ever. Can't wait until next year so we can do it all over again!

04 December 2008

working for the weekend

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I've had my hands full getting ready for Bazaar Bizarre coming up this weekend. If you're in Boston, please do stop by and say hello. There will be tons of crafters with a wide assortment of lovely handmade items available for sale. The details are as follows:

Bazaar Bizarre
Sunday, December 7, from noon to 7 PM
The Castle @ Park Plaza

It looks like my table will be 107, which is straight towards the back if you walk down the center upon entering. I am still not set up for credit cards, so FYI I can only do cash. Also, just to let you folks know, I will be closing my bigcartel shop on Sunday but will reopen on Monday with an update. I am not sure if I will be able to update the blog between now and Sunday, but I hope to see some of you at Bazaar Bizarre. Have a great weekend folks!