25 August 2009

snail tails

Oh the tails!

Funny thing about sewing these tails. The first time I tried to make one, I hated the process. Maybe it was because I kept stabbing my fingers with the needle, or because my thread kept getting tangled because I used too long a length of it, or even because the tail itself kept unfurling and flapping about in a frustrating fashion as I tried to pin it down. I finally have it down, though. Finally. First, I make sure not to stuff the tail itself too tightly so that it's easier to turn, and I turn the tail as I sew so that it's easier on my hands than trying to hold down a twisted form for however long it takes me. I use a shorter length of hand-quilting thread. I use smaller stitches. And I sing as I sew. Now that I have gotten into the rhythm of it, I find the process to be very zen, and I am extremely pleased with the resulting tail/shell. It's a form that works well on top of the snail softie.


Anonymous said...

Just when I think you've made the cutest critter ever, you top yourself again! I seriously LOVE the snails!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anything has ever been so cute! As soon as I get a job I'm buying one!