05 December 2009

Bazaar Bizarre is tomorrow, and I am so excited. I am working on all the final prep stuff today. I believe I have more than enough softies and fingerpuppets. I would have liked to have gotten a couple more bats sewn, but I would drive myself batty (hah) if I were to try to crank a few more out today, especially in light of all the other stuff there is to be done. I thought about printing bat patterns, but my printer is kinda crappy. I would feel bad selling patterns printed on that. So anyone interested in patterns, please feel free to drop by my pattern shop.

Just a reminder - we'll be at table #94, which is to the left of the entrance. We are not set up to take credit cards, but we do accept cash (of course) and personal checks. Also, we are offering a 15% discount off any purchase of 3 or more fingerpuppets. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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some pretty things said...

Hope you did well at your craft fair.