08 December 2009

Shop update tonight at 8PM EST! There will be elephants, lions, snails, oh my! I will be posting my leftover penguin ornaments, too. In case you don't snag one tonight, I am working on a second small batch to post this Friday afternoon, which is also when I will post the sets of fingerpuppets. Of the 106 fingerpuppets I made for Bazaar Bizarre, I have 36 left. I tried photographing all of those individually to post onto etsy, but you know, it was driving me nuts. So I'm just going to offer them as sets and include a discount in the price.

Also, those of you awaiting commissions from me, I am working on those and will have all of them ready by next Monday. Sorry for the delay, but prep for BazBiz has overshadowed just about everything here for the last three weeks. (Seriously, you should see the mountains of laundry I have yet to fold and put away. Yikes!) You will all be hearing from me in the next few days regarding your specific commission.

One last thing - the last date that I will ship will be Friday, December 18th. That is my absolute cutoff date. I want to ensure that your packages all get to you on time, and any date after that is pushing it. I don't want to take any chances with that. On top of that, due to health reasons, it may not be in my best interest to have to deal with the stress of the Post Office in the few days before Xmas. I trust you folks will understand.

Thanks again for all the love & support throughout the year! xoxo


Alice said...

Oh my goodness the little gal (Harmonie) I love is still left! I know my husband would think I'm insane if I put another Soto Softie in our bedroom ;) I'm going to have to check back in on Friday when the penguin ornaments are up and see if she's still around... if so it's fate and he can't argue with that right?

I just wanted to say congratulations to you on your exciting news! I'm already jealous of all the awesome toys and knits your kid is going to have!

sally said...

How exciting. I love your shop updates. By the way my kids still love the owls I bought from you and gave them last Christmas. I'm thinking the baby may need an owl too this Christmas.

Jason Lieder said...

Great pics, I love the color and texture of everything.