17 April 2009

bat sale!

These guys are up at my shop, and they are on sale as I hope to make room for new stuff.

16 April 2009

pretty in pink

New mouse up in the etsy shop. More stuff to come over the next couple of weeks, including that long-ago promise pattern (or two).

15 April 2009

hello spring!

finger puppets galore!

Well, hello there! Now that Spring is upon us, I am rousing from my unintentional hibernation and getting back into the swing of things. For starters, I have posted a bunch of finger puppets on my etsy shop and will be updating more later in the week. Also, I am adding the finishing touches to a few new pieces, which will hopefully find their way to the shop shortly. I miss feeling productive; days like today make me one happy camper! Hope you folks are having a fabulous Spring so far!