18 September 2009

getting ready

Great news! I will be participating in Bazaar Bizarre again this year. Woohoo! So exciting! I've already starting cutting minis and puppets, and next week I am diving into full-production mode. It is going to be amazing this year! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, folks.

14 September 2009

the battern is now available

hanging Zak

I have been meaning to do this for far too long. Finally, the batty pattern is available! Now you, too, can whip yourself up a little batty friend. Also, I have decided that going forward, my bigcartel shop will be my pattern shop. Why? Because I have a few more patterns in the works to be released in the next few weeks, including some brand-spanking new designs. Just in time for all your holiday crafting!

I am also putting up a bunch of patterns on etsy, just to cover that end. I'm planning to do a shop update there some time next week which will include more minis and a few bats.

One last thing, which squicks me out a little, but I feel that it needs to be mentioned. The patterns I am putting up are for your enjoyment and entertainment. You can make as many as you would like. However, I ask that the patterns not be redistributed or resold or that anyone sell the pieces produced from these patterns as their own. I hate bringing up the copyright stuff, but sometimes it needs to be said because people just might not be aware of the rules.

Anyhootle, hope you folks like the patterns, and happy sewing to you all!

07 September 2009

the twitter twatter of little tweets

I now have a public twitter account for the blog & the shop. I won't be tweeting about what I made for dinner or who I hung out with during the day or sharing the minutia of my existence with you all, but I will be talking about my latest projects, chatting about both the process and the end-result and letting you know about shop updates and promotional stuff. I won't be as conversational as I was in my personal (now self-deleted) twitter, but the truth is that I was having a hard time dealing with that kind of exchange. That's the trouble I have always had with those types of social platforms, like twitter, facebook, and blogging; it's bad enough I feel shunned and reviled in real life, I don't need these feelings reinforced on the internet. Hopefully, this will not only reinvigorate me and get me to focus on creating again, but it will also snap me out of the miasma of sadness I've been experiencing lately. When there's less worrying about people and things that ultimately don't matter, there's more time and energy to invest in making beautiful things and feeling like myself again. So I'm gonna get to it. And if you'd like to keep up with updates and stuff, feel free to follow my soto softies twitter.

01 September 2009

all the minis

The shop has been updated with a small batch of mini-critters. There are mini-zaubermausi and mini-leafhoppers waiting to hop on out of the shop and into your arms.

Also, note to self: Always recharge the camera battery the night before you're going to do a shoot. Always. That way you don't lose precious daylight, waste a ton of time, and keep the good people waiting. Derf! Thanks for your patience, folks. Hugs to you all!